The U.S. Council for Energy-Efficient Manufacturing (U.S. CEEM) is a voluntary industry-led partnership engaging industry, government, and other stakeholders to help U.S. industry improve energy efficiency and competitiveness. Industry members of the U.S. CEEM are represented by volunteer corporate energy managers with broad experience from a cross-section of U.S. manufacturers, including chemicals, steel, glass, forest/paper products, and auto manufacturing. Government and other non-manufacturing organizations participate in U.S. CEEM as Associates. 

Mission and Strategies

The mission of U.S. CEEM is to enable U.S. industry to achieve global leadership in energy efficiency while maintaining competitiveness and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. U.S. CEEM seeks to accomplish this mission by articulating industry’s perspectives in existing national and regional industrial energy efficiency programs and encouraging industry participation in such programs by validating the business case to industry.



To carry out the organization's goals, U.S. CEEM members and associates participate in an Executive Committee2 and two working groups: the SEP/Technical Committee and the Outreach and Communications Committee. The Executive Committee oversees U.S. CEEM's mission, goals, by-laws, and operating procedures; defines the scopes of the working groups; and guides the work of the support staff. The SEP/Technical Committee provides industry perspective for programmatic oversight and technical input to DOE on SEP. The SEP/Technical Working Group also reviews and comments on DOE and non-DOE industrial energy efficiency programs, tools, and resources. The Outreach and Communications Committee develops outreach strategies and external communications materials for U.S. CEEM, recruits new members, and identifies strategic partnerships.

1 This will be accomplished using technically-focused tools, materials and events that are available to the public and will be conducted by U.S. CEEM members who are corporate energy managers.
2 Note to reviewers this is formerly the Org Charter Group

Current Activities

Partner Roles

As a voluntary partnership between industry, government, and other organizations, the U.S. CEEM draws on the diverse perspectives and experience of its members, associates, and partner organizations:

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For More Information

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